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My Testimony.  

I am a 20+ year Navy Veteran.  Due to some unique circumstances at the end of my career, I attended 4 different transition courses.  Before I left the Navy, I also completed a certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).  I quickly became a student of the transition process.

For almost 6 years now, I have been teaching a class for transitioning military personnel.  I've helped about 150 people while teaching over 20 classes.  Many of those 150 people have reached out to me to talk about job opportunities, interviews or asked me to review a resume or talk about a job offer.  In December 2021, I  helped someone negotiate for $10K more in salary on his job offer.     

With my new approach, I will establish the personal connection before the class and maintain it after the class.  I will be there to discuss job applications, review the Resume for the job and then help you prep for the actual interview. 

That's why I came up with "Parachute."  When you step off that cliff, connected with Highly Inspired Transitions (HIT) and leave the military to start over, HIT is going to be there to make sure we land softly together.   Parachute is NOT a course;  it's a connection and a process!



The Network

I'm connected with Veterans and Entrepreneurs from all over the country. 


No Firehose Treatment

We leave the "drink from the firehose" treatment to those mandatory classes you have to attend.  You won't be sitting in a class of 30 or 20 or 10 people.  You're going to get one-on- one attention. 


Long Range Focus

'We focus on where you want to go.  Not sure?  That's OK.  Then we will talk about it. We'll look at your personal HIT "Transitioning Situation", and we'll figure it out.  This is important and we will take the time necessary.  


The Local Team

They are camera shy, but they have a combined 150+ years of military experience.  They all went through the transition process, are all working in a variety of jobs from HR to managing a Marina to being the local face of a Fortune 500 company.  Most importantly they care about Veterans. 

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