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Spiritual Out-Reach

Data supports the fact that those Veterans who have an ongoing relationship with God have a better likelihood of having a successful transition.  I will be working with my church to try to establish programs specifically for veterans


Class 23

17-20 January 2022.   

A focused group of Veterans getting ready to transition to the civilian community.  Each one different in their background.  Each one different in their future interests, but the passion was so evident in this group. They stepped out of their comfort zone to work so passionately on the next phase of their life.  They challenged me to be better and now I'm on their team - until they tell me I'm not...:)


                     Class 24 - April 2022

         ***** UPCOMING EVENT *****

                       Coast City Church
-         Military Veteran Transition Seminar
                   Monday, 18 April 6-8pm

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Identifying "At Risk" Vets

HIT wants to help all transitioning Vets.  The real mission, the real ministry is to help those most at risk and most in need.   Help identify them and direct them to HIT.  They'll get the 1-1 mentorship and coaching they need to transtion successfully.

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