Highly Inspired Transitions
for Military Veterans
HIT 4 Vets

  A Personal Connection Makes the Difference 



Personal one-on-one mentorship through the Military Veteran-to-Civilian workforce transition.  Transition can be difficult, complicated and challenging.  No two situations are exactly the same.  We offer more than a 1-week class.


  We offer a lasting connection


E-1 to O-6. 


Generals & Admirals


NOT our clients


Highly Inspired Transitions (HIT)  is focused on one thing:  Veterans transitioning successfully from their military service to the civilian community.

HIT is NOT a four day or a four week class!

HIT is NOT a Mock Interview service! 

HIT is NOT a Resume prep course!

HIT.... IS about a personal connection with you and a lasting relationship until your transition is complete.  Consider "HIT" your Parachute to a soft landing in your transition, 


OBTW - you get all that other stuff.....but much, much more. 




Any military personnel looking to transition should definitely take Ed Harrington's course. I took it and it was very ideal. I learned a lot that the actual transition counselors left out.

   - - Kelsey, E-5